Americans don’t like WikiLeaks.

The market research firm Ipsos released a survey on Julian Assange and WikiLeaks. The study, conducted in 24 countries on a sample of approximately 19 thousand subjects, reveals the peculiar position of Us citizens on the topic. As it turns out, they are the only ones in the batch that consider WikiLeaks under a negative light. 

In particular, 61% of the americans in the sample «somewhat oppose/strongly oppose» the mission of WikiLeaks whereas the rest of the countries support it with a minimum percentage of 62% (in Great Britain).

Four out of ten think that WikiLeaks is made of «criminals» (the average is 13%) and one in two considers Julian Assange himself to be a «criminal» (Avg = 17%). Assange should also be charged with a «criminal offense» for 69% of respondents. Just 11% of them think WikiLeaks is «providing a helpful public service».

If this study truly represents how the public opinion conceives and judges WikiLeaks, it would mean that Assange shouldn’t be relying too much on its support in the unfortunate case of an extradition to the Us.


Un pensiero su “Americans don’t like WikiLeaks.

  1. Chi si sente offeso dalle rivelazioni di Assange è solidale col sistema del suo Stato,basato su sotterfugi,prevaricazioni,falsità,prepotenza. Preferisce nuotare nel torbido,illudendosi di vivere bene.Non pensa però che giunge sempre una resa dei conti e la scadenza delle cambiali che dovranno certamente pagare i cittadini,non certamente gli amministratori,che hanno sempre pronta una via di fuga.


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