No Legge Bavaglio alla Rete: l’appello in inglese.

Ieri ho sottoscritto e pubblicato l’appello No Legge Bavaglio alla Rete, fornendo anche tutti i motivi per cui a mio avviso il comma 29 dell’art.1 del ddl intercettazioni vada abrogato. Oggi, grazie all’aiuto di Davide Serafin, lo ripropongo tradotto in inglese. Così da poterlo girare alle redazioni dei quotidiani stranieri e alle istituzioni comunitarie.

The decision on 21 July 2010 of Giulia Bongiorno, President of the Parliamentary Judiciary Committee, to define as “unacceptable” the amendments to paragraph 29 of Article 1 of the so-called Wiretapping Bill submitted by deputies Roberto Cassinelli (PDL, government party) and Roberto Zaccaria (PD, opposition party) is the final act of one of the most serious – no matter whether conscious or unconscious – attacks on freedom of information on the Internet ever.

This declaration of unacceptability of the amendments, which were intended to limit the indiscriminate extension of the “obbligo di rettifica” (or duty to rectify, originally contained in the press law of 1948) to all website operators, threatens to make freedom of information on the Web the first real victim of the Wiretapping Bill by eliminating the possibility that such a delicate and complex topic will even be debated in Parliament.

Among the many negative records that Italy is going to chalk up because of the Bill, the decision of Giulia Bongiorno is likely to add one more on the side of freedom of information: we are about to become the first and only country in the world in which a blogger risks more than a journalist, while at the same time being less free.

Requiring bloggers to comply to the duty to rectify within 48 hours – just like professional journalists – or else face a fine of up to 12,500 euros will inevitably cause them to think twice on whether to write on issues that might hurt the sensibilities of the economic and political elite. It is an anachronistic and unreasonable scenario, as information on the Internet  has demonstrated worldwide to be the best – if not the only – form of implementation of that ancient and immortal principle, enshrined in Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which states “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression, including the right not to be harassed for their views and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers”.

The Bill cannot be allowed to pass as it currently stands. We demand full and open Parliamentary debate on Article 1, paragraph 29 of the Bill, including consideration of the above amendments.

Access to the Internet is set to become a fundamental human right in hundreds of countries around the world. We cannot force citizens to renounce that right here in our country.

Guido Scorza, Presidente Istituto per le politiche dell’innovazione

Vittorio Zambardino, Scene Digitali

Alessandro Gilioli, Piovono Rane

Arianna Ciccone, International Journalism Festival e Valigia Blu

Filippo Rossi, direttore Ffwebmagazine e Caffeina Magazine

Claudio Messora, Byoblu

Stefano Corradino, Articolo 21

Fabio Chiusi, Il Nichilista

Daniele Sensi, L’AntiComunitarista

Wil Nonleggerlo, Nonleggere QuestoBlog

Francesco Piccinini, Agoravox

Giorgio Tsiotas, Valigia Blu

Roberta Aiello, Valigia Blu

Tommaso Tani, Valigia Blu

Piero Filotico, Valigia Blu

Matteo Pascoletti, Valigia Blu

Matteo Bottecchia, Valigia Blu

Paolo Agnelli, Valigia Blu

Sigismondo Baldovino, Valigia Blu

Davide Serafin, Yes, political!

Segnalatemi pure la mail di persone e Istituzioni che potrebbero secondo voi contribuire alla causa.

Ecco alcuni indirizzi (o siti da cui raggiungerli):,105


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